Friday, December 21, 2012

Corn Maze, Characters, & Costumes

Another favorite fall activity?  Corn maze!

The last Saturday in October is character day at Seward Farms.  Costumes, candy, and characters?  Win, win, and win!  I, along with my mom, and my sister, Ellie, took Aaron and four of his cousins, Linzey, Carter, McKayla, and Cadence.

Linzey, Aaron, McKayla, Carter, & Cadence (in front)

First we hit the maze.  The kids had a grand time leading the pack, looking for the next number associated with our navigation clues.  They only got us lost once!
Linzey leads the pack, followed by Carter and Aaron

Ever see a culvert hung as a swing?  The kiddos had a grand time crawling through!





And then there was a swing set with a slide . . .

Linzey (with Aunt Ellie looking on)

Cadence zips down the slide!

Carter, the picture of cuteness!

Cadence swings . . .

Bouncy pillow anyone?  This was definitely a favorite!

McKayla, a Corn Cop, and Cadence



And then they were off to ride the cow train!

McKayla and Cadence in the back,
Aaron in the middle,
Linzey and Carter in the front

Linzey & Carter


McKayla & Cadence

My mom took one picture of the rest of us with the giant hay man!
McKayla & Linzey on the hay
Cadence, Ellie, Carter, me, & Aaron in front

The kiddos all tried bouncing on the bouncy horses.  That was pretty much a disaster!  LOL

The kids got to meed Mickey, Minnie, and Elmo . . .
Aaron, Linzey with Cadence in front, McKayla, and Aunt Ellie trying to encourage a less than enthused Carter to take a picture with Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

They were quite excited to see Elmo!
McKayla in a hug, then Linzey, Aaron, and Cadence

Then is was off to the bumpy slide!



Ellie, bumping down the slide with Cadence and Carter

Me, bumping down the slide with Carter

There was also a fabulous culvert slide, but all of the pics turned out too dark to bother sharing.

As we were leaving, we saw one last princess, Snow White!
Linzey & McKayla

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