Friday, April 30, 2010

. . . and My Son Shall Say, "Meow!"

We have a lovely cat . . . Oreo.  Aaron loves her dearly.  Since he's become mobile, she has gotten more exercise than in all her 10 years.  Aaron follows her everywhere, and when she gets still for very long, he inevitably lays on top of her.  I think it's his little boy effort to hug her, but at this age, he hasn't quite figured out how to do so without laying his full weight on her.  I'm so happy that she's been amazingly tolerant of Aaron's attentions.

What Aaron also has a love for is cat food.  I've tried everything!  I've redirected his attention.  I've spatted hands.  I've sternly said no.  Short of placing the cat food out of his reach, I cannot keep him out of it!  Sure, I know logically that it's not going to hurt him, but still . . . yuck!  This cannot possibly taste good!  Not to mention a little boy with cat food breath is also not the best smell in the world!  Sigh!  I suppose I should look at it positively.  It is indoor formula cat food, so at least Aaron shouldn't develop any hairballs any time soon!  LOL

Of course, I've been comforting myself with the fact that Aaron had not yet discovered the litter pan.  This discovery has been delayed by closing the bathroom door.  I know you can guess where this is going . . .  Ron left the bathroom door open.  I'm trying to finish supper, and we noticed Aaron was very quiet.  Now all parents can tell you, contrary to what one might think, this is not a good thing!  Ron went to check on him, and the next thing I hear is, "Darlin'?  Can you please come?  I need your help!"  And what should I find in the bathroom?  A helpless husband, and a little boy that's a bit perplexed.  He can't possibly understand what is so distressing at this moment, as he stands there . . . with cat litter in his hair, all over his clothes, on top of the closed toilet lid, in the bathtub, and all over the floor.  His main concern at that moment is that Daddy was holding him, and he couldn't continue with his fun!  I am so thankful that I'd just cleaned that litter pan, meaning it'd been sifted, not that this was new clean litter!  First step, clean all the litter out of the tub.  And that doesn't mean washing it down the drain.  It is after all clumping litter.  Once the tub was clear of litter, Aaron was stripped and plopped in bathwater to play with his duckies while Mommy cleaned up the remainder of the mess!

And while Ron has been most attentive to closing the bathroom door since this event, the solution to ending the consumption of cat food has yet to be found.  If this continues, I fully expect to hear Aaron say, "Meow!"
Aaron & Oreo both giving me a little while of peace!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

Aaron experienced his second egg hunt of the season on Easter Sunday at my Memaw's.  It was a most enjoyable small family gathering.  The egg hunting enthusiasts, including myself, didn't seem quite so enthusiastic this year.  The eggs were only hidden and hunted once.  Honestly, I pretty much stink at hunting eggs.  Put me into egg hunting battle with the average kid, and I will lose - every time.  So, with me as his only help, Aaron is pretty much doomed.  Fortunately, he had plenty of help Sunday and ended up with 14 eggs in his basket . . . which I figure is quite a haul for a 15 month old!  Here are a couple of pictures . . . one with Mommy, and one with Daddy.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Break 2010

So, it's been two and a half weeks since my last update, but in my defense, I've been quite busy!

For the week following my last update I was swamped at work.  Afterall, I was taking some vacation time last week, and had to get my desk clear before being off.  Then of course, I took that time off, and really, you can't expect me to keep you all updated via dial-up . . . can you?

So, I quite enjoyed my Spring Break.  Really, it was Ron's Spring Break from school.  I just chose to take my vacation time so I could be off with him.  We worked on a few projects on our property, where we plan to build our dream home.  One of those projects was painting the shed.  We've yet to complete that project, but it's about 3/4 of the way done and looking quite nice . . . out with the gray and in with the green.

We also ran a little plumbing.  When our well was put down, a faucet was attached to the tank, but when we built the pump house around it, that left the faucet inside the pump house.  So, we removed the original faucet, added some plumbing, drilled a hole, and we now have a faucet outside the pump house.  It's the small things.  Aaron was doing helpful things like playing with cans of cleaning compound and plumbing cement (I promise those cans were closed very tightly!).

Of course we spent some time with family.  At our Friday night dinner with my parents, Aaron got to swing with his cousins, Linzey and McKayla.  He then played piano with Linzey and I (McKayla got in on this after we'd put the camera away).

And then on Saturday, we attended our first egg hunt of the season.  Aaron discovered a love of the trampoline and found his first egg.

Oh, and the fun continued later that evening as he discovered he could walk . . . Really!  Which you can view here, since I can't figure out how to upload video into this thing!