Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gators Anyone?

Today Aaron and I went to The Gulf Coast Gator Ranch and saw The Gator Boys!

After the show, we took the walking tour, where we saw more alligators and a few tortoises.

I'm pretty certain no further explanations are necessary, so on with the pictures!

Sometimes . . . I Make Things . . .

Tonight Aaron is happily sleeping on a new pillowcase, under a new blanket, both made by none other than . . . ME!  And he is thrilled!

Now to complete his matching curtains!

Another crafty thing I've done this year?  I created what I like to call a Barbie briefcase!

Ever wonder what to do with that new box your laptop came in?  Why not recycle it?  I bought some cute Duck Tape, covered the box, and voila, a Barbie briefcase . . . and a very happy five-year-old niece!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Holy Smokes, Batman!

You'll never guess who Aaron and his cousin, David, got to meet a week ago!

Oh, wait!  Did you say Batman?

Well then, you'd be right!

Batman appeared at a local appliance/furniture store, and there wasn't even a line to see him.  I'm guessing Batman doesn't have the same PR team that Spiderman has!  ;-)  In any case, this worked out well for us!


After meeting Batman,the boys felt it necessary to check out an ottoman . . .

They approved!  LOL