Monday, July 18, 2011

A Few Fireworks

Independence Day Update - July 4, 2011

We began the day by waking to no air conditioning and rapidly rising temperatures.  Thankfully our A/C man was able to come out immediately.  The repair turned into a nearly all day affair, but at least we had air by bedtime, and in any case, that is not what I'm supposed to be writing about!  :-)

We celebrated in usual style at my parents' camp on the creek.  Hanging out with family, eating potluck lunch, with grilled burgers, steaks, etc.  Usually we play volleyball after lunch, but this year my dad is nursing a broken leg, and without him, it seems we just couldn't get into the volleyball spirit.  We did make our way to the water pretty quickly though.  We've had quite the drought this year (which it seems we're now making up for all at once), so the creek was really low.  This worked out quite well given the number of little ones in the water.  Everyone had a great time!

Nothing like playing in the dirt.

Yvette & David Nelson

Angie & Joshua Bernaldo

Ron & Aaron Farr (eating boiled peanuts)

Nancy Warden with nephew Tanner Colson

Aaron Farr

Ellie Williams & Janice Colson

Carter Colson (after playing in the dirt)

Three Cousins Ready for a Swim
Aaron Farr, Linzey Colson, McKayla Williams

A Creek Full of People

We then topped off the evening with fireworks.  Aaron saw fireworks on TV and LOVED them, so I showed him some I'd recorded, which he of course also loved.  So, I told Ron we had to take him to see live fireworks.  Fireworks were set to start at 9 pm, so I fed Aaron supper, bathed him, brushed his teeth, and dressed him in his bed clothes.  We left home at 8 pm (Aaron's normal bedtime), and he was sleeping just moments after getting on the road.  We arrived at the fireworks viewing site to find out shortly that fireworks had been postponed 'till 10 pm.  Well, Aaron was still asleep, so we relaxed.  This went well until someone set off fireworks nearby and woke Aaron.  Aaron then snuggled with Ron while waiting the last 15 minutes before fireworks began.
Ron & Aaron resting before the fireworks