Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And Now We Are Five

Me, Aaron, Oreo (our cat), and Pretty (our dog).  We were four.

One week ago tonight, we officially became five.

It all began when we returned from vacation at the beginning of August.  Upon our arrival home, we discovered that another dog had taken up residence at our home.  He was a friendly dog, but he left after a few days, no doubt to return to his real home.

During the time our visiting furry friend was with us, I learned a couple of things:  Aaron was excited by the idea of having more than one dog, and Pretty was quite happy to have some company.  In my mind, a seed was planted.

As I was mentally, emotionally, and financially evaluating the potential of adding another furry member to our family, I ran across an ad in our local paper for Dixie Adoptables, and off to their website I went.

First, I was inspired by their story.  These are people who are truly putting their money where their mouth is and making a difference in the lives of animals!

Then, I began perusing their available pets, where, of course, I fell in love!  :-)

That weekend, we were off to meet Natalie, an adorable little black and white terrier.  It was love at first sight!  We decided that weekend we would be adding Natalie to our family.  We just had to wait for her to be spayed so she could come home, and one week ago tonight, home she came!

We did make one minor change.  I tend to not care for "people" names on animals, so what to do about the name?  What to do?  Well, come to find out, they had already taken to calling Natalie, Nattie at the shelter.  Well!  That was easy!  So, Nattie it is!

Nattie's addition to our family has gone smoothly.  She and Pretty have become fast friends and playmates.  In addition, Nattie is warming well to both Aaron and I.  This was initially a concern, as Nattie is a rescue dog.  She was rescued, along with many other dogs, from a truly horrendous situation, leaving her quite distrusting of people.  I'm so happy we have a chance to show her how real people *love* their pets!

Pictures?  Pictures, you say?  Well, of course!  I took some earlier this week!

Aaron takes his leash duties quite seriously!

Nattie & Pretty at play!

Alright, Mom, knock it off with the camera already!