Monday, October 29, 2012


I realize I probably have an average readership of 0.5 people, and with the rate I've been updating, I'm sure that number is quickly dwindling!  Here's the thing . . .  I can either live my life or blog about it . . .  Of course if I never do anything to blog about, what would be the point?

Mid-September, my sister, Ellie, and I took our kiddos to Jackson, MS.  You see?  Ellie's oldest daughter, McKayla, has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  She was diagnosed at 18 months, and it has been a journey for all of us.  We attended a juvenile arthritis family fun day, which was quite informative, and garnered us tickets to the Mississippi Children's Museum.

Aaron, Cadence, & McKayla
Getting in gear!

A little home construction

Let's slide!

Cadence & Aaron
Milking it on the farm!

Who says tractors are for boys?

At the State Capitol!

Someone had to help the kiddos to the top floor of the "Capitol"!

McKayla, Cadence, & Aaron
One little, two little, three little Indians!

Aaron & Cadence
Hard at work unearthing some dinosaur bones!

What has he discovered?

McKayla & Aaron
In their own little bubble!

Nothing like a little trip through the intestinal system!

Burrowing like a mole

Burrowing like a mole

Passed out in the mole den!

Oh!  We could have spent all day here, but, alas, we had another rather large item on our agenda.  So, off we went, next door to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science to look at dinosaurs, among other things.

Aaron, Cadence, & McKayla
Petting a tortoise

Ellie, Cadence, McKayla, Aaron, & Me (Adrianne)
Aaron was far too afraid of the animated dinosaur to look at the camera!

Cadence, Aaron, & McKayla
Who knew you could ride a dinosaur?

Aaron, Me (Adrianne), McKayla, & Cadence
When was his last dental exam?!?

Ellie, Cadence, & McKayla

McKayla, Cadence, & Aaron
Just "bear" with us . . . posing for all these pictures is hard!

Aaron, McKayla, & Cadence
Look at all these cool fish!

Oh, look!  A two headed snake!


McKayla, Aaron, & Cadence
A short ride on a frog before the ride home!

And now to my average remaining reader population of 0.25 persons, please stay tuned for other great adventures . . . like meeting Iron Man, going to the fair, and visiting the corn maze!